Service and expert support for natural lipids and specialty ingredients

ImperialOel is a customer-centric business committed to delivering customized ingredient solutions – tailored to our clients’ very specific needs. Our experts actively engage in open and continuous dialogue with customers, offering guidance at every stage of the process, may it be within ingredient sourcing, product development or manufacturing.

Product customisation

ImperialOel offers customer-centric guidance on ingredient selection and packaging design, tailored to align with specific product criteria. Our approach includes exploring natural alternatives and environmentally friendly ingredient solutions. To ensure the optimal solution for our customers, we collaborate with our manufacturing partners to conduct tests involving new ingredients and various dosages. A testament to our approach is the success story of lanolins enriched with natural tocopherols derived from non-GM sunflower oil. Originally created as a tailored solution for a single customer, they have since evolved into a popular choice within our lanolin portfolio.

Application support

Various ingredients and applications come with specific requirements. Therefore, ImperialOel offers insights into formulation, complementary ingredients, and packaging solutions. Our support extends to customers’ trials, conducted in both laboratory settings and on an industrial scale, covering the entire spectrum from initial planning to conclusive stability testing.

A specialized application where we consistently demonstrate our expert status is with omega-3 fatty acids. Due to their susceptibility to oxidation, they present a significant challenge in the food industry. We have assisted a number of infant formula producers to optimize their manufacturing process, resulting in improved product quality.

Transparent sourcing

ImperialOel collaborates closely with our suppliers and partners to elevate the sustainability of our ingredients. Meticulously tracking the movement of raw materials and their processing throughout the supply chain, we conduct comprehensive supply chain investigations. Our collaboration with manufacturing partners has resulted in the establishment of a robust traceability procedure, enabling us to document best practices. In the case of omega-3 fish oils, for instance, this can mean looking not only at the fish oil refinery but also at the fish oil extraction site, the fish processor, and the fishery.

Expert guidance in regulations, compliance, and science

At ImperialOel, our dedicated team of experts provides guidance through the sometimes complex landscape of rules and regulations, including import/export restrictions, product labeling and health claims.  But our engagement can well extend beyond ensuring legal compliance: Compiling literature and conducting analysis, we have been supporting the Global Omega-3 Association (GOED) in an effort to advocate for the inclusion of DHA in an updated European toddler food standard.

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