Who we are

ImperialOel is a global oleochemical company. The family-owned business was founded in 1920 in Hamburg, a vibrant city that has been at the core of European trade since the 12th century when merchants established the Hansa principal to protect mutual trading interests throughout the Baltic region. Business was conducted on the basis of mutual trust, reliability, respect and ‘honourable trade’, and sealed with a ‘hanseastic handshake’.

Although it takes more than a simple handshake in the 21st century, we continue to abide by the same core values:

  • Key business principles of trust, respect and integrity
  • Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Evidence-based, safe and reliable products
  • Transparent and sustainable supply chain
  • Extraordinary personal service from a passionate and experienced team.

Our products and services include:

  • Premium oils, waxes and specialty ingredients
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Consumer own brand MarisPlus Omega-3
  • Customised consultation service.

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1920 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Privately owned, family company
  • Managing directors: Oliver Kromer, Juliane Sassmannshausen
    Annual sales: €10-20m
  • Annual sales volume: approximately 2,000 tonnes
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Product range: omega-3 oils, lanolins and other natural oils, fats, waxes and specialty ingredients
  • Facilities in Hamburg, Cuxhaven, Neuss (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Main industries: food and nutrition, personal care, pharmaceuticals
  • Main markets: EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia
  • Member of Grofor, VDC, GOED, DGF
  • Office address: Bergstrasse 11, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
    Registered address: Amtsgericht Hamburg, HRB 34469
  • VAT No. DE118572971


Imperial-Oel-Import was founded by brothers Joachim and Hans Kuers in 1920 to import and supply selected mineral oil-based ingredients and natural oleochemicals to the chemical industry. Since then, the company has developed into a thriving global business.

The company was taken over by former sales manager, Wolfgang Kromer, in 1975 who successfully expanded the export business, supplying high quality ingredients to global customers in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, metal, and food and feed industries. As demand grew, the company increased its supply base and expanded its product portfolio with natural waxes, oils, fats, resins and animal-derived specialities. International sales became an increasingly important part of the company’s evolution.

A major growth category for us has been lanolin wax, derived from sheep’s wool. The company’s market share has steadily increased since the 1980s, thanks to strong staff commitment and long-term partnerships with key suppliers. ImperialOel is now the preferred supplier to a large number of premium cosmetic manufacturers and prestigious global brands.

The next generation took over in 2003 and Oliver Kromer became managing director. Oliver had a clear vision for market expansion of the fish oil business. This began with supplying omega-3-rich sardine and anchovy oils to soft gel manufacturers. A unique team of specialists was created with extensive knowledge and expertise in omega-3 sourcing, supply chain, formulations, markets and science. Today, ImperialOel is a leading independent supplier of DHA omega-3 for infant formula and baby food, and has a successful supplement brand, MarisOmega-3.


Every colleague is an essential part of our success and its remarkable longevity.

We are proud of each and every employee’s skill and expertise: whether it be in nutritional science or lipid chemistry, in raw material market intelligence or dedicated customer support, or in office organisation and contract negotiation. Each of our team members is a true specialist in their field.

What makes our team special is its spirit: working together as a unit means so much more than simply selling products or number crunching. It’s about helping each other, learning from one another, and celebrating our achievements together.

What we all share is a serious enthusiasm for our products and our company. We share a genuine interest in partner businesses and appreciate their particular challenges and market opportunities.

Fully understanding our customer and supplier needs is, for us, the foundation for providing the best service and support.


Ok-Schnitt-s. Vorlage Word

Oliver Kromer
Managing Director


Juliane Sassmannshausen
Managing Director 

Lanolin & Lanolin Derivates


Chris Kommerowski
Sales Director 

Marco Heins
Product Manager 


Kruna Ramljak
Product Manager 


Christina Wegener
Sales & Logistics Manager



Loyana Camelo
Assistant Sales & Logistics

Marine Oils, Omega-3s & LCP Specialities


Dirk de Deyn
Sales Director


Ina von Oertzen
Business Development


Tim Rathje
Product Manager 


Hendrik Rösel
Sales Manager


Edda Marwede
Junior Sales Manager 


Charlotte Grüttner
Logistics Manager 


Logistics Manager 



Petra Pingel
Sales & Logistics Manager

Quality Management


Heike Meyer
Quality Assurance Manager 


Svena Thode
Quality Assurance Manager

Project Management & Marketing


Johanna Genz
Project & Marketing Manager 


Lina Teichert
Project & Marketing Support

Office Management


Tina Seitz
Finance & Administration

Why ImperialOel?

‘Ingredients you can trust, support you can rely on.’

This has been our mantra since the company’s inception in 1920. For good reason, our products, our support, and our services are trusted by industry leaders, as well as by niche specialists. Why?

  • We listen to you: as a customer, as a supplier, and as a human being. We want to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go so we can provide the best possible support.
  • We are specialists. We focus on few product categories, which we know inside-out: from back to front and top to bottom. You can be sure our market advice and technical support is as extensive as it is rock-solid.
  • We add value, not cost. We help you identify and source the best ingredients for your needs – and not the most expensive. We provide access to products from reputable manufacturers leading in quality, not in marketing.
  • We are lean and responsive: fast, flexible, and efficient. But we are also large enough to offer a full complement of services, resources, and safety guarantees.
  • We are independent. As a family-owned, family-run business, we can pursue our own vision and are not restricted by stock-market demands and volatility. Our business strategy is based on long-term goals, not on short-term sales targets.