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Lanolin: The heart of our business

Wool grease, lanolin, and their derivatives have been at the heart of ImperialOel’s business since its foundation in 1920. Our commitment as a lanolin supplier, coupled with extensive expertise, has positioned us as one of the leading, independent global suppliers in the industry. Through our brands LanisLanolin and LanisTech, we offer a diverse range of demand-oriented solutions.

Leveraging our extensive experience and unwavering passion, we aspire to be more than just a lanolin supplier. We aim to provide our customers with a profound understanding of our various lanolin products, ultimately striving to discover the optimal customized solution for our buyers.

ImperialOel’s century-long operation has cultivated loyalty from our customers, some of whom have been with us for decades. Our direct and personal approach not only strengthens these relationships but also keeps us attuned to the latest industry research and global market trends.

LanisLanolin: Lanolin supply for personal care and pharmaceuticals

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries extensively use lanolin and its derivatives due to their exceptional performance and safety record. Our brand, LanisLanolin, provides a diverse range of lanolin grades, catering to global market leaders in the health and beauty sector.

LanisLanolin products tailored for cosmetic and medical applications include:

  • lanolin anhydrous
  • lanolin alcohol
  • lanolin oil
  • lanolin ethoxylated
  • lanolin hydrogenated
  • customised products

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LanisTech: Lanolin supply for technical applications

ImperialOel’s LanisTech products offer competitively priced wool grease and lanolin derivatives, including lanolin alcohols and lanolin fatty acids, available in different grades. Our products exhibit emulsifying, fattening, oil-binding, and rust-inhibiting properties, proving highly versatile and beneficial in various technical applications.

LanisTech ingredients are integral in fat liquors, lubricant grease, metal coatings, cutting oil, paint, soap, and numerous other industrial products. These natural, sustainably sourced, and safe products showcase characteristics ideal for modern manufacturing processes.

LanisTech products for industrial use include:

  • wool grease
  • lanolin fatty acid
  • lanolin alcohol

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